-Weddings & Parties-

Looking for something different to keep your guests entertained at your wedding or party ?

Then book Mick to come and draw hilarious 'Live' face to face caricatures

Each caricature takes around 4mins per person and is drawn on A3 card with black and grey quick drying markers, the card can be personalised at no extra charge with a message or logo of your choice although for weddings this is generally the Bride and Groom's first names and the date.

I work on an hourly rate and the caricatures themselves are free to the guests as a unique souvenir of the day and presented in a clear plastic sleeve to protect from spills etc

I can draw individuals, couples and groups up to about six but not every guest will want to be drawn, part of the entertainment is for people to watch the caricatures being produced usually with suitable comments thrown in.

For weddings I generally work in two specific time slots:

  •  After the service has concluded and before the meal  This is the most popular time and acts as an ice breaker and keeps the guests entertained while the Bridal Party are away having photographs taken, usually there is still time for any of the Bridal Party especially the Bride and Groom themselves to be drawn before I leave. This time slot is normally 2-3 hours
  • After the meal  As an additional form of entainment whilst the band is playing or more often directly after the meal to entertain the guests whilst the function room is being changed around.I do need a well lit area in the evening to perform and often this is best located outside but in close proximity to the main function room. This time slot is normally 2-4 hours

Packages start from £225 for 2 hrs (min)

Set Up

For drawing caricatures I prefer to stay in one spot allowing the guests to come to me to sit, I generally need an area big enough for one chair for myself and two for the guests. I also bring my own small table and banner and have my own chairs if necassary. I do need a well lit area although for evenings I bring small portable lighting.