Me & Them Caricatures

I often get asked 'Has anyone ever caricatured you?'

So here is a selection of caricatures of me by fellow caricature artists around the world

(the last two are what I really look like)

me by colm campbell

Nuffinc.                       N. Ireland

me by jp mccarthy

Caricature Shack England

me by george

Spot on Caricatures England

me by welly

Welly's Caricatures England

me by tooned


me by tony mac


me by warren


me by tel

Caricatures by Tel Australia

me bt steveo


me by stang

Me by rowly


Me by rocky

Caricatures by Rocky Sawyer USA

me by mikey

me by mickh

Micks Caricatures England

me by kaya

Kaya Mar Art     England

me by jodie


me by jp baron


me by jan neggers


me by io0

me by hanz deconinck

Hanzz Caricatures Belgium

me by mike giblin

Mike Giblin Illustration England

ME by froth

Me by paul flatley

Dub-ble Take Caricatures England

me by doug

me by d/auwe

me by dan

me by coffeejunkie


me by sammie covington


me by aribel

me 1

me 2

This is me getting my revenge by drawing some of them